At Love Solar Energy Services…we love solar! We love that solar saves us money…we love that solar helps our communities by creating jobs, and a safer electrical infrastructure…we love the sustainability of renewable, clean energy…and we love what solar energy does for our planet. When you think about it…what’s not to love? Equally as important, is that you love your experience with Love Solar Energy Services. We want you to love the fast and easy process and we want you to love working with the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the solar industry.
I guess you can see why at Love Solar Energy Services, it really is ALL ABOUT THE LOVE!


Love Solar Energy Services is a full service residential and commercial solar and renewable energy company. Our services include customized solutions for both our customers and our partners. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to save money by going green, or a growing sales team looking for a new strategic sales campaign, we got you covered.

Solar Energy is by far the cleanest, most abundant, and most affordable energy source in the world. Why feel bad about paying more for dirty, expensive, non renewable energy? Isn’t it time we do something better, cleaner, and more affordable? It’s time to Love everything there is about going solar! From the consultation to the installation, and for decades thereafter, we want you to Love everything about your solar experience! With our instant pre approvals, you can find out right away how you too can make the switch to solar and start saving TODAY!


Our MISSION STATEMENT is simple…At LOVE SOLAR ENERGY SERVICES we believe that truly loving what we do, and by constantly striving to provide the highest standard in customer and partner satisfaction, we can create relationships that will grow to become something bigger than ourselves. Something that we can all be a part of, something that we can all be proud of, and something that we can all truly love for generations to come.