Here are some ways you can help prevent your solar panels from catching fire.


You should always rely on your solar provider or a trusted service professional to install solar panels. It’s one of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of a solar panel fire.

Doing your research to learn about a company’s reputation and how many years of experience it has under its belt is crucial. But you should also look at its technician team and check whether it has the required licenses to install solar systems.

A trustworthy, credible business will always have the appropriate, up-to-date licenses and industry certificates representing the knowledge and skill to expertly install solar products. And as a result, your panels will avoid high risk of fire breakouts.


Quality is important with practically anything you’re thinking of buying, but it’s especially important for solar panels and other solar products.

Think about it this way: A solar panel system is something you’ll have for decades to come, so why not invest in the best? It’ll even save you money in the long run in terms of potential maintenance, repair work or replacements needed after your warranty period expires.

Compared to high-quality solar panels, low-quality panels have a higher chance of malfunctioning and causing fires. This is because premium panels are better made, without flammable frames and mounting systems.


As with any home improvement or technical product, routine maintenance is important. Solar panel systems are electrical systems, and they certainly require regular maintenance to sustain high performance levels. Maintenance doesn’t mean deconstructing your entire system. But even removing dirt, debris, snow and more from your panels will keep them functioning optimally.

You should also watch for frays or holes in cabling from pests or rodents. Faulty cabling is one of the biggest solar panel fire risks. But this doesn’t mean you have to climb onto your roof and poke around.

Call Love Solar and ask for a service professional to visit and inspect your system. This service is usually part of your warranty agreement.


It might be tempting to install a solar system yourself, maybe because of the cost. However, this is never a good idea, especially if you’re uncertified. Solar providers usually include installation costs in the final purchase payout anyway.

Installing your own solar panels is not only risky but also leads to stress and not having peace of mind that your system is properly set up. If anything is incorrectly connected, there’s a higher fire risk.

Always rely on your solar provider or a hired service professional to install your panels. 

Solar panel systems are complex. And because of that complexity, only trained electricians and solar installation experts should set them up. Relying on professionals will rid you of liability, ensure your system is secure and greatly reduce the risk of solar panel fire.