When it comes to installing a new solar system, most homeowners only think about buying the actual solar panels. There are multiple pieces of equipment that come along with your solar installation but did you know that additional product enhancements exist to further optimize your investment? You maybe offered various add-ons like critter guards or even edge skirts. But do these add value? Or just add to the cost?

We’ll review some of the most common solar enhancements to determine what can help you tap into the full benefits of your home solar system.

Critter Guards

Solar panels are mounted on your home’s rooftop in a way that leaves a small space underneath each panel. This enables any debris that collects from weather such as rain and snow to roll off the roof. However, in some occurrences this space can become an attractive shelter for small animals.

For areas heavily populated with birds, netting is available to prevent them from building nests underneath your solar panels. Critter guards can also protect your solar system’s wires from being chewed or damaged by small rodents such as squirrels or rats. These guards consist of strips of metal screening that are secured to the outside of your solar panels. The edging creates a barrier that prevents small animals from gathering in places you don’t want them to. In some locations, homeowners don’t experience any major disturbances from animals looking for a safe haven. But if this is an issue you think you could experience, it’s always a good idea to talk toLove Solar about options.

Edge Skirts

Solar panels sleek appearance goes beyond the solar array when front edge skirts are part of the installation. Front edge skirts obscure mounting hardware and seamlessly blend into your roof. While edge skirts aren’t a necessity, they are perfect for the homeowner that is looking for a complete finish.

EV Chargers

Having an EV charger at home is incredibly convenient for electric vehicle owners. For one thing, there’s no need for EV drivers to search for a public charging. Secondly, an electric vehicle typically takes from one to a few hours to charge each day for a local commute. That’s time that can be well spent if the EV is charging in a place that accommodates the owner’s lifestyle.

Approximately 40% of electric vehicle owners also own a solar system. Not only is this a sustainable choice, it’s an economic one as well. Electric vehicles require a large amount of power to charge. Solar energy can help make up the deficit by providing clean energy to homeowners without them experiencing a surge in their utility bill.

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are rising in popularity as homeowners arm themselves against power outages. Homeowners no longer need to sacrifice comfort when unexpected outages occur. Solar batteries can power up necessary appliances like refrigeration and HVAC while also charging their electric vehicle or completing a load of laundry.

But solar batteries provide more than just peace of mind, they can also help homeowners save on their utility bills. Depending on how homeowners prefer to use their storage system, they can also jump into action during peak demand times when utility rates are often higher. This can shave those additional charges to help reduce costs. Because of this, highly intelligent solar storage systems are a great investment for homeowners with a SunPower solar system.

The right solar system enhancements can help homeowners save money, prevent common issues from arising and raise home aesthetics. Better yet, many of these options are affordable and easy to integrate. For further details, reach out to Love Solar today!